Sustainability is an increasingly important topic for companies, because they are the drivers for a more sustainable world. In addition to employee satisfaction and increased efficiency, an environmentally conscious strategy also has a major impact on the company's image. This is because customers also prefer environmentally friendly products to so-called "climate killers" when making their purchasing decisions. Companies that fail to take this into account are therefore in a far worse market position than competitors that act responsibly and in a climate-friendly manner.

"Storytelling is brain-friendly communication (Herbst, 2014a) - But is this also true in the case of sustainability?" And how do different story design factors influence our retention performance? I would like to explore these questions with your help and would therefore be very pleased if you would take 20-25 minutes of your time to complete my survey as part of my master's thesis.

The survey is closed. I thank all participants for their support.

Laura Lis is part of the e-learning production team at mybreev. She is completing her master's degree in Educational Media while working.

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