The Human Organization

Employees are increasingly becoming the focus of companies and organizations. The result is “The Human Organization”, which is published in the book of the same name by Prof. Dr. Patrick Peters and mybreev CEO Uwe Röniger are treated.


Prof. Dr. Patrick Peters
Dr. Patrick Peters, MBA, is professor for PR, communication and digital media as well as vice-rector for research and teaching aid development at the Allensbach University in Konstanz, where he also teaches business ethics and diversity management. Peters also teaches business ethics at the Niederrhein University and works as a freelance journalist, lecturer in adult education and consultant for communication and ethics.
Uwe Röniger
Uwe Röniger is the managing director of mybreev GmbH and an experienced expert in the development of tailor-made e-learning programs. He leads the overall development of 300 B2B training projects and campaigns, including communication projects for DAX companies. He has also initiated a digital awareness library that offers immediately accessible e-learning courses on corporate aspects such as compliance, sustainability, ethics, legal security, health and personal development of employees in the workplace.
The human organization peaks
The Human Organization Podcast (Peaks) - Folge 1

The Human Organization Podcast (Peaks) - Folge 1

Die erste Folge des The Human Organization Podcasts "Peaks" mit den Hosts Uwe Röniger und Prof. Dr. Patrick Peters.

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